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I woke this morning to hear “Not so fast my friend”…

Written on October 21, 2014 by


Just when I was looking forward to getting a golf fix during football season, the most compelling player on the planet decides to stay home and do some housekeeping!… I had finally recovered from the REMAX World Long Drive woodshed experience while accepting the Ryder Cup disintegrations and forgetting what I’ve seen DJ do to once promising career all while coping without Tiger in the mix, when I read Rory McIlroy is withdrawing from competition until 2015. It’s just the latest gut punch for us avid golf viewers.

I really enjoyed watching golf during the commercials of the football games this weekend. Keeping up with my good friend @ScottPiercyPGA and his return from a ‘major medical’ along with ‘Dyn-o-mite’ Jimmy Walker trying to repeat last years rocket start to the incredible back nine scoring had by all those who dared attack the course, my weekend sports-a-thon was AWESOME! When I turned off the TV last night I was excited about the finale to what has been a very good year in golf… without the Tiger and Phil effect.

I woke this morning to hear “Not so fast my friend”… Rory and his former representation cannot part on good terms. And now the #1 golfer on the planet will “take a break” to handle this business himself. WT*!! I guess Horizon Sports Management didn’t expect the kid to grow up and wise up. The reported “twenty percent of any off the course endorsements” is a ridiculous amount! Whether it’s $100,000 or $100 million! HSM was simply taking advantage of a naïve trusting young man who just wanted to be the best golfer in the world and he called them out. Given the current situation and the future earnings potential worldwide for Mr. McIlroy, dropping the $ 3 million reported value of the counter suite could produce something of much greater value… future goodwill between the two. I see Horizon Sports Managements’ reputation and tens of millions more in earnings from future clients being squeezed through their greedy fat fingers. I say, “Pay the young man and move on! I’m ready to watch some great golf… during commercials, of course.”