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Favorites, Dark Horses, Last In and Cinderella

Written on June 18, 2015 by As the 2015 United States Open Championship begins today there are many interesting topics to discuss.  Some of the ones I like are … favorites, dark horses, last ins, and Cinderella.  Chambers Bay will prove to be the ultimate challenge, biggest thrill ride, greatest fortune and grandest ball for all who dare  to venture into… View Article

I am going to the Outback Bowl as a VIP!!!

Written on December 30, 2014 by Over the holidays one of the best TV marathons, besides ” A Christmas Story “, was the ” 30 for 30 ” series on ESPN. My favorite, of course, is the ” You Don’t Know Bo “, but I also enjoyed ” The Boz ” and all three parts of ” The U “. As… View Article

Wecome back, Kotter.. The Tiger Version

Written on December 3, 2014 by Just like Mr. Kotter from the 70’s sitcom, Tiger woods has returned to his roots to find himself. It seems the older more mature version of the original swing that spawn the second greatest run in golf history has come full circle. Looking Refreshed!… not long in the tooth with all the injuries and poor… View Article