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College Football , PGA Tour and REMAX WLDC on Golf Channel

Written on November 14, 2014 by

I don’t know about you, but I love the College Football Playoff Rankings. Lots of debate on which team should be in or not … Which team needs to or probably will move up and how much their margin of victory needs to be… and the wait until Tuesday night to see how the committee will interpret the previous week’s games… The attention to College Football every week is awesome!

So I have to put in my two cents…I certainly believe the CFP Committee members are trying to pick the best teams each week. So their insane line of thinking must be this. Since Oregon with one loss jumped undefeated Florida State and Alabama is considered to be not as good as TCU in this weeks pole, it would stand to CFP logic that Alabama is poised to jump everybody to number 1 with a win, impressive or not, against the current pole leader Mississippi State.

It’s simple really… Mississippi State is the best team in the country certainly better than Oregon who is obviously better than FSU, according to this week’s pole. If Alabama wins they should be ranked ahead of Mississippi Sate because they both will have one loss and Alabama won the head to head. Oregon’s one loss is to Arizona, who is a decent team but was never ranked above either Mississippi, who beat Alabama at home or Alabama who Mississippi State will lose to tomorrow. So using CFP logic, it will virtually guarantee next Tuesday night’s CFP Rankings will be… Alabama, Mississippi State, Oregon, and Florida State. Yes, FSU should fall another spot and still be the only undefeated team in the country. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now on to golf.. The Fall series on the PGA Tour has delivered again just like Tim Finchem and the gang hope it would. With a host of fresh faces and Web.Com graduates playing excellent golf, the race to FEDEX Cup is off to another fast start. I have enjoyed watching golf more this time of year than ever before. So much so that I have even kept up with the LPGA and Champions Tours! Great work Golf Channel and awesome adjustments by PGA Tour! I can’t wait to see if who of the tour elite will make a run up the points race next year or if the current leaders will hold to the end.

I only have a few things to say about the REMAX WLDC last week. It was held live on Golf Channel, something that is very difficult to make interesting with all the OB balls on a seventy yard wide grid. But I found myself hanging on every match and every ridiculously question from Lauren Thompson. Sure the hitters could have hit better balls is the semi-finals and finals in their last sets of three. But between the amazingly close finishes and Lauren Thompson unbelievably stupid questions, i.e. she asked Matt Hanger after his first round loss to Jeff Crittendon, “How’s that drive to California gonna be now?”, I couldn’t turn away. However I do think in order to make it really interesting for viewers the LDA should have had the guys hit in an alternating shot format, like hockey and soccer shoot outs, instead of sets of three. This would have been better for suspense and drama as well as the hitters. Standing around for a minute or two in that cold is not easy nor is it helpful with rhythm and flexibility. Trust me.. I’ve been there plenty of times.

Those are my thoughts this week, I could be wrong but probably not…