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The Ugly Truth About Sports…

Written on February 2, 2015 by

The fact is all professional sports bend, stretch, and contort the rules to gain an advantage in competition. Every great mind of every great competitor who has ever played in any sport has used this type of thinking to win. The old saying “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough” has never been more true than it is today. But we as fans have a selective memory. When our team or player gets a favorable call or ruling we say great job. The official blew that one, good for us! But when the opposite happens we scream foul or their cheating! The ugly truth about all sports is we’re all hypocrites!

The rules are in place to keep the playing field fair and competitive. Everyone has their own interpretation of the grey area rules and will use that argument to their advantage. We as fans applaud the effort and say great coaching or smart decision. As foes we claim Bull*&%$! The fact of the matter is we all leave it up to the officials to police these matters and if we not caught its a good thing. When the “deflategate” controversy came out I thought it was a stupid discussion and still do. Whether it is or isn’t an advantage, it points out a glaring deficiency in rules enforcement. It should not however diminish what the Patriots have done! Tigers boulder moving advantage or favorable fan interventions during his heyday doesn’t change his being included in the discussion with Jack Nicklaus as the greatest of all time. Neither should the legacies of Brady and Belichek being the greatest NFL duo of all time be tarnished by the nonsense that the hypocritical media and public are extracting from the obvious… They play to win!!

Congrats to the Pats! Greatest Dynasty in NFL history!